If you’re having trouble advancing in your rehabilitation following a joint injury, you may want to look into training strategies that concentrate on repairing the joint’s shortcomings. The majority of today’s physical therapy and exercise science, in general, focuses on strengthening the muscles surrounding the joint alone while neglecting to increase strength and range of motion at each joint. These programs would increase your ability to move your ankle, knee, and hip joints through their natural ranges. I spent years searching and experimenting with no luck until I came upon these easily scalable techniques that have helped me and many others reduce pain and improve overall function.

Without these techniques, I would not be pain-free and enjoy what I love on a daily basis. Whether you want a month program, a three-month program, or 1:1 coaching, I would love to discuss and provide you with exactly what you are looking for. As a licensed occupational therapist, I pride myself in finding the just-right fit and tailoring each program specifically to what your goals, current situation, and overall contexts require as you progress through this training.

Set up a call today to find out if programming or coaching would be right for you and your current situation.