Hey there health explorers, I’m Keagen!

Welcome to my space where I share my journey and useful information on joint health and mental wellness.

From the Football Field to Clinical Research

My path to becoming an expert in joint health started on the football field. As a collegiate and arena football player, I faced the intense physical demands of the sport. This chapter of my life was thrilling, but it came with its challenges – I tore both my ACLs, leading to four surgeries. It was a tough road, but it sparked my interest in how our bodies recover and adapt.

Bouncing Back Stronger

Those injuries and recoveries were more than just physical hurdles. They were life-changing experiences that led me to where I am today: feeling better than ever. I owe my recovery mostly to psychological flexibility and my unconventional, joint-centric approach to training.


Educational Foundation

Holding a Doctor of Occupational Therapy, I’ve always been fascinated by how we can improve our physical well-being. But it’s the blend of my personal experiences and professional knowledge that really fuels my passion.

Worried I am just another internet quack? You can search for my license here, just search my last name (Hadley).

My Authorial Journey

As an Amazon bestselling author, I share my insights and experiences with a wider audience. My book, “Torn” is a part of my mission to help others understand the trauma of physical injuries, and how to leverage psychological skills to come back stronger than ever.

My book outlines my journey as an athlete. Beginning with me as an anxiety-riddled freshman in high school, until my second ACL tear that took place at a private Canadian Football League tryout. It displays how routinely negative situations can be improved through the use of psychological flexibility, and how it saved my life.

Mental Health Advocacy

Through it all, I’ve come to realize the undeniable connection between physical and mental health. It’s a relationship I actively advocate for, understanding that our mental well-being is just as important as our physical health.


My mission is to share my knowledge and experience in joint health, mental wellness, and medical technology, simplifying complex topics to help you heal and understand more clearly.